Some other bits & bobs I've made or am working on...


From Plant to Print - an exlporation of natural colour & plant-based pigments.

Moving image piece created with Jacqui Symons of Slow Lane Studio (and featuring a couple of bees).


Natural History Invite

Natural:History - A Fable of Progress (or Oh No! Weve killed the last unicorn)

Visual art exhibition exploring Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss & the Age of the Anthropocene.

"This is not quite the typical, guilt-inducing polemic against our abuse of the environment, although a concern for the destruction of our natural habitat is a key implication of the show. Instead, its ultimate focus seems to lie with a very real sense of the wonder of nature itself." Robbie di Vito, Corridor 8



ABIER - Associated British Institute of Environmental Research

Restoration project of old environmental education films.


Tree Drawing Machine

A temporary environmental installation that collaborates with individual trees. Through direct connection to trees the Tree Drawing Machine translates their movements onto copper plates that are then etched and printed. The communication and interaction between tree and copperplate captures a temporal snapshot of each tree’s ephemeral kinetic connection to climatic conditions, this is translated into a permanent record / artwork through traditional printmaking techniques.