The Beehave offers a simple, effective and harmless way to immobilise invertebrates in specimen tubes to facilitate field ID.

A longer lasting and more practical alternative to using rolled tissue paper.

Each Beehave consists of a laser cut foam plunger that is engineered to fit exactly into each glass specimen tube. The stopper handle fits snugly within the tube to allow fine control of the pressure applied to the captured insect to easily immobilize it whilst preventing injury to the specimen.

A fine air hole in the plunger allows air to escape and prevents pressure build-up within the tube and also allows the Beehave to be used with aquatic specimens in water.

The Beehave is is handmade in the UK from scrap plastazote that would otherwise go to landfill.

Now available in large and small sizes:

  • Large 24mm x 50mm glass specimen tube
  • Small 19mm x 50 mm glass specimen tube

Beehaves are available in sets of four including glass tubes and PPE stoppers:

  • Mixed set of two large + two small Beehaves
  • Set of four large Beehaves
  • Set of four small Beehave

Each set costs £17.00 incl UK P&P.

Bespoke sizes are available on request.

All products are handmade in limited quantities and available direct from Richard by contacting him:


or via ebay.

Larger images are available on Flickr - click the images on the left to open in a new window.